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CannaGuard Transport

Providing armored cash and product transportation, guarding and secure vaulting services in Oregon, with the same commitment to compliance and professionalism you expect from CannaGuard.

Don’t delay – we are prequalifying clients for the 2017 harvest. ⟶


Our services and facilities are fully licensed by the OLCC, ensuring strict compliance and verified chain of custody.

Asset Tracking

We monitor your assets in real time.

Cash & Product Transport

Armored transport with armed and dedicated 2-person teams.

Product Storage

Our Portland storage facility is protected 24/7 by armed guards, active watch monitoring, trusted CannaGuard camera systems, and access control.


Your assets are fully insured with us on the road and in our secure storage facility.


Your assets are protected by highly trained veterans and former law enforcement personnel.

We know cannabis. We know security.

Since 2013, CannaGuard has brought peace of mind to hundreds of cannabis businesses in Oregon, Washington and California through our award-winning security services. Beginning in November, 2016, we are proud to offer our OLCC-licensed Oregon customers secure cash and product transport, product storage and guard services through CannaGuard Transport – all with the same professionalism and commitment to going above and beyond compliance that you expect from CannaGuard.

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